Sunday, June 22, 2008

ConnectedText and NoteTab Outlines

It is a mark of a good application that it does not lock you into proprietary data. Your information should always be available to other applications, preferably also in the form of plain text. ConnectedText allows you to do this in at least two ways: (i) you can export all of your topics into separate text files, and (ii) it can save a backup of every topic in a backup folder under the project.
If you would like to back up your project in a different application, you might have to consolidate your backup files in order to import it. I have written an AutoHotkey script that does this:

FileSelectFolder, WhichFolder, C:\Users\*\Documents\ConnectedText\Projects, 0, Select Project to Backup ; Ask

the user to pick a folder.
InPutBox, myFile, File, Select the File name for the Output File
FileSelectFolder, myOutputDir, Choose directory to write to
myDir = %whichFolder%
outputFile = %myOutputDir%\%myFile%

Loop, %myDir%\*.cbk
FileRead, aFileCentents, %A_LoopFileFullPath%
FileAppend, `n@@`n%aFileContents%, %outputFile%

You need to change the starting path to a directory of your own.

You can import the resulting file into a NoteTab Outline File by first opening it in Word, another Text Editor, or Word Processor that allows you to save the file in Windows format, not in UTF *. (If you click "Save as", you will be presented with the option "Windows (Default)".) You also need to insert the following line at the beginning:

= V4 Outline MultiLine TabWidth=30

also replace "##CT##" with "H="

and replace "[[" with "[" and ""]]"" with "]"

When you save the file, use the extension "otl".

The result is a NoteTab Outline file with working hyperlinks.

If you have more than 5400 topics, you are out of luck, however. NoteTab Outlines have a limit of 5400 outline items.

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