Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Plain Text Wiki

I discovered another plain text wiki. It is called HypEdit. Its author, Jerry Muelver, describes it as an "entry-level (simple) personal wiki authoring and distribution system," or as "just a basic Windows text editor... with an attitude." And it's freeware.

To make a hyperlink, put a phrase in brackets, like [Features and Functions].

To use a hyperlink, move your mouse cursor over the text inside the brackets, press CTRL and right-click the mouse to drop the cursor into the link and jump to the linked page.

The "wiki" is saved in a plain text file that can be edited by any text editor.

It can print. And it will split any text file into Wiki pages, when it finds a double-colon and a name on a line by itself in the file, like this:


That's it.

But you must manually save, either individually each page you created or edited, or the whole "wiki" on exit, otherwise all additions and modifications are gone.

See: HypEdit

It's nothing fancy, and it won't replace a real desktop wiki like ConnectedText. It is just a notepad with (very) basic wiki-capabilities. As such, I find it interesting. Since the application takes just 155 KB of disk space, you might use it for quick note-taking on the road, using a USB-drive.


emauro said...

Good to know that more people embrace the wiki way. However this application has some limitations that can limit its usefulness:

256 maximum pages.
8000 characters maximum per page.

MK said...

I did not know of those two limitations. In any case, it has many others as well. No formatting, anemic search, and so on.

In no way does it replace a serious wiki!