Friday, August 1, 2008

The Limits of ConnectedText

As I said before, I use ConnectedText to keep my research notes, rough drafts, and snippets of information. Today I found out something I did not know about the maximum number of topics.

It is determined by the Firebird SQL engine. Theoretically, it can accommodate 16 billion topics, but the realistic size limit of the database is 4 GB. While there is a limit to the length of topics, it is quite quite generous at more than 32 MB. Furthermore, neither topic length and the number of topics affect program stability.

The bigger the topic the more time is needed to render it. The time for a full text search time grows linearly with the number of topics, but it is pretty quick.

I now have 6200 topics in my largest project (or a file of about 14.5 MB). Roland Barthes had 15.000 Jules Verne had 25.000 at the end of his life, Luhmann ended up with 35.000. But they were all limited by paper.

It's good to know that I would not even come close to the limits of ConnectedText, even if were to reach the number 50.000.

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