Saturday, September 6, 2008


Jarte is a free rich text editor, based on the wordpad editing engine. Nothing really fancy, but it's fast. Their line: "Does your word processor handle like an ocean liner?" Well ... this one doesn't.

I paid the $19.00 to use the plus version, which adds some features I like. Footnotes have been promised, and I am waiting.

One of its really interesting features, available in the free and the plus version, is "Hot Connect." It "connects Jarte to any other program's text window allowing instant transfer of text between the two windows. The connection makes it easy and convenient to use Jarte to write and spell check text for the other program. Hot Connect can be used for writing and spell checking e-mails, blog entries, newsgroup posts, or any other writing task you normally do in another program or in your web browser." It "can also be used for reading articles from your web browser without any of the ads."

You just press "ALt-F7" in the other program (with Jarte running), and the text in the other program shows up in Jarte. Saving the text in Jarte will actually save it to the window of the other program.

I have tested it with ConnectedText, and it worked well. But it will probably be more useful as an editor for Thunderbird and this Blog.

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