Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feedbooks Rip Off

Searching the Internet I came across this today:

No indication about who wrote it, no reference to this blog. This seems to be theft.


EMauro said...

Seems that someone converted the entire contents of your blog in a PDF. I am not sure if FeedBooks did it or someone else and posted it in FeedBooks. Note that it contains all your entries, even the last one so it looks like an automatic process did it. It is an interesting concept but credit must be given to who deserves it. You.

MK said...

Thank you very much for this response. I have no objection if someone converts the feed to a PDF for her or his own private use, to read it on Kindle (or something like that), but I do object to it being by Feedbooks (or by someone else in the context of Feedbooks) without any reference to the source. This is neither fair nor (it would seem to me) legal.
Manfred Kuehn

MK said...

Turning off the RSS feed resulted in voiding all the contents of the offending PDF file.