Sunday, December 7, 2008


Given my experience with Feedbooks, I have decided to turn off the RSS feed from now on.

Their position seems to be that they can publish the contents of anyone's blog without so much as having a reference to the original blog and without having any reference to the person who wrote the blog entries.

In other words, their motto is "you can make anyone's work 'your book' and publish it simply by adding the feed to their site," thus making it in effect THEIR book.

If this inconveniences any of the people who regularly read my entries, I am sorry.


Anonymous said...

Not a wise decision.

It's very easy to aggregate your content even if you turn RSS feeds off (using Yahoo! Pipes, for example). If you wan't to be sure nobody 'uses' your work, then you can't publish it at all.

Anyway, why don't you just exclude feedbook's robots via .htaccess? Or add a copyright tag at the end of each post (like others do it)?

EMauro said...

I don't think the .htaccess solution is possible using Blogger.

There are much more here to be discussed about publishing since even with a copyright tag anyone can copy/paste the work of anybody.

MK said...

It's not that I object to anyone "using" my content, but I think it's only good form to acknowledge where it's from. I am also aware that people can use the content in various ways without acknowledging or referencing where it comes from (with or without RSS), and I disapprove of that. That's the risk you take when you publish a blog.

However, I object strongly to the approach of Feedbooks that seems to make a policy of publishing someone's stuff so that it is very difficult to trace the origin of the content.

I use an RSS reader myself, but the content is on my computer (and thus not accessible to anyone else--I hope, anyway). The PDF is on the Internet for anyone to see (stripped of the URL and any other significant identification as to its origin).

By the way, the owner of Feedbooks has promised to remedy the situation. So I might turn it back on.