Sunday, December 28, 2008


This application is billed as a "cross" between personal wiki and Zettelkasten or as a tool for knowledge management. It is a Rich Client Platform (RCP) application based on the Eclipse platform. Accordingly, it works on Windows, the Mac, and UNIX.

See Relations. Nice picture of Arno Schmidt!

There is a screen cast, explaining the details.

It will not replace ConnectedText for me, but it is an interesting variation of a common theme. I intend to follow its further development.


ballantrae-reprint said...

I'm very glad to have found your blog a while ago. It's excellent reading. I have to agree about LM - I installed and uninstalled it several times in the last few years; it was just too frustrating, but I felt I had to keep trying it in my quest for the ultimate database. I too tried PIMs and Ecco and all those other programs. Now I'm using DOpus and Notepad 2, but just installed Connected Text to try.
Best wishes.

MK said...

Thank you very much for the positive feedback.

Milan Jirkovsk√Ĺ said...

Do you know FreeMind? It's a mind mapping software and it's much more convenient to use it than Relations.

MK said...

Yes, I know Freemind, though I actually use an older version of MindManager (2002), which used to be shareware before it was sold and began to sell for outrageous prices.

But this application is not meant to replace mind mapping. It's primarily a database for notes.

Milan Jirkovsk√Ĺ said...

Frankly said I use Freemind as a database for storing notes and managing their hierarchy and links between them. I used to use Wikipad, which has the advantage to be wiki-based but a great disadvantage as it is not hierarchical in it's nature and does not provide a client for Windows Mobile devices.
I tried Relations and I didn't find any killer features, but may be when the database is large and has many cross-references (so the notes are forming a graph rather than tree hierarchy), it can be useful indeed.
But neither Freemind, nor Wikipad is the ultimate note taking application I am looking for. I have to check out older articles on your blog, ConnectedText looks quite hopeful.
And I really appreciate the work you are doing here, having so interested blog about note taking must be a lot of work, thanks and keep on ;o)

MK said...

Everybody's different—at least to some extent. And note-taking is very personal. I have never found Mind maps useful for large volumes of information, not even for large hierarchical outlines. (I prefer Outlining for anything with more than seven main branches or sub-topics.)

My largest project has more than 7000 entries. It just wouldn't work in FreeMind (nor even in the Personal Brain).

The blog's a labor of love, as they say.