Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thinkertoys and the 'hypothetical writing machine'

An interesting paper about note-taking and hypertext (not necessarily in that order): The Magical Place of Literary Memory™: Xanadu:

"I was continually trying different systems for organizing ideas. File cards... were clearly hopeless. I tried index tabbing, needlesort cards, making multiple carbons and cutting them up. None of these solved the basic problem: an idea needed to be in several places at once... but then, in graduate school, I took a computer course" (Ted Nelson in 1992).

Without further comment!


starpilot said...

And Xanadu has led him to:


It's a different paradigm for computing information and info space.

I've been keeping an eye on both, to see where they go.

MK said...

Yes, ZigZag is very interesting, but to say that it is developing at a glacial speed would be to exaggerate the speed at which it is moving.