Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Imposing Order on One's Books

I can't say that I have ever found this to be a problem. I have basically two places where I keep my books at home. One is where literature is to be found, broadly ordered by language (German, English, French, a little Greek and Latin). This is where Nietzsche can be found. The other is for Philosophy (and other non-fiction).[1]

Those who seek guidance might find this interesting. Be sure to read also the comments!

No further comment—at least not by me!

1. Actually, there is a third place now: my computer(s). See also here.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer my books to impose their own order. That is, I generally shelve similar topics together, and collections of certain authors whom I like will be grouped together. But my shelves range widely in height and depth and so it isn't always possible to keep all related titles together. Nevermind, I like being able to browse my shelves and find books I'd forgotten about.

Por amor às causas perdidas said...

I've read your blog, but apparently you didn't mention Microsoft OneNote. What's your opinion about it? I am interested to know your opinion.

MK said...

I took a look at OneNote some time ago. It did not click with me. Perhaps I will take another look and write a review.

EMauro said...

I agree with Vermonter. Perhaps not the best way to organize them but I see my books like a living thing growing at each new purchase and the arrangement reflect my interests. And browsing the books in the shelves is a real pleasure. After seeing the picture I had a strong wish to organize them by color. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Here is another interesting take on organizing ones books: