Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is a minimalist solution for quick notes: Scrapbook.

It's tiny (526K), it's freeware, and it does what it does very well. The Beta version ScrapBook 2.30 was updated 5/21/09. At the very least, it will complement whatever software you use for serious note-taking.


brownstudy said...

Appears similar in appearance to a Mac program called Notational Velocity ( 43Folders did a post on it in 2004 ( It's not been updated since but still works.

MK said...

Yes, it appeared to me that there is a definite similarity, though Notational Velocity is still more Spartan than Scrapbook.

anatolica said...

I have been following your blog for sometime now -actually, it is my homepage-, thanks for the excellent posts, on reding, writing and "notes" per se.. I thought you might be interested in CintaNotes, which is still free beta and does a good job with a very small memory footprint and hotkey capabilities. Like Scrapbook it is a small file (and a portable version is also available ~350k) and it can tag, sort, merge notes. The best of it- it can copy (and automatically paste to a new note) from almost any file including text: pdf, html, odt, lyx, etc; and it puts the source as the header of the note.
I found it very useful - not exactly as a Zettelkasten system but as an ubiquitous note clipping tool.

beta-beta version at:

Thanks for this excellent blog again!

MK said...

Thank you very much for the flowers.

Thank you very much also for your reference to CintaNotes. I agree with your assessment that it is useful as a "ubiquitous note clipping tool."

It reminds me of EverNote in many ways. In any case, this is how I used EverNote before it became more ambitious.

May 25, 2009 1:00 PM

anatolica said...

Thanks for the mention in today's post:) Later on I, thought I might have seemed like a fanboy over my comment on CintaNotes and got a bit ashamed, but I hope I am justified on the grounds that I had found it just over my long-time search for a simple and self-contained note-taking helper, and it seems nice for the moment.
This is the worst side of trying to be an academician (and trying it for a long time): after a while, I became more focused on the concept of "writing" itself, rather than writing as an action, hence the obsession with note-taking tools:) Hopefully I am somehow getting over it reading "Nietzsche's thoughtwriter" or "Adorno on Computerised Thinking" and the like.
Thanks again

JSoroko said...

Alas, at the moment the link to scrapbook is down. (13 Feb 2010).

MK said...

I have today changed the link to one that still works.