Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aduna Autofocus and ConnectedText

ConnectedText has several backup options. One of these backs up every topic in Connectedtext in a Backup Directory. This directory can be indexed and accessed outside ConnectedText itself, which is sometimes useful.

I recently stumbled across Aduna AutoFocus, a semantic clustering application. "AutoFocus has the ability to scans all the places where you expect valuable information and provides powerful means for retrieving that information. The important advantage over similar tools is that AutoFocus presents the search results using facets and Cluster Maps. Facets allow to find documents on more than just keywords and the visualisation provided by the Cluster Maps allows you to see how files, web pages or emails are related."

I do expect valuable information in my ConnectedText database. In fact, I do not just expect there to be valuable information. I am positive there is. And ConnectedText allows you to get at it in many ways.

But this application adds something new. Among other things, it
  • presents the search results in a Cluster Map for better overview

  • facets show what metadata is available in sources

  • significant terms summarize clusters and suggest search refinements

"The birds-eye view helps you gain insight in information that is available on combinations of keywords. In each step of your search it shows the number of documents that match your search (and of course a link to the documents themselves) so that you can effectively zoom in to find what you seek."

All you have to do is to index the Backup folder of your favorite project and run some searches. Here is a sample search:

[Click picture, to enlarge!]

The cluster map shows interesting connections and relations. For an explanation of how these clusters should be read, see this.

Selecting a cluster results in the corresponding files being shown in the file viewer. Clicking on any of the file names opens the file in Notepad.

It's licensed by an Open Software Source Licence, free for private use.

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EMauro said...

As usual, an interesting topic with useful information. I will try Aduna right away.