Monday, September 7, 2009


Gazette is a very rudimentary personal wiki.[1]

They say: "Gazette is a small, fast, personal wiki for keeping notes, & whatnot. Gazette 'folds' a document into pages, and allows you to cross-reference those pages in any order. This folding/linking metaphor makes it easy to have several topics within a single file, an ideal method for organizing information, creating glossaries, distributed documentation, courseware, cheatsheets, ebooks and more..."

I say: The price, $22.95, is far too high. The program does nothing that The Notebook does not do (better) for free. And it doesn't do many of the things that The Notebook does. Zulupad is the personal wiki application with the most stupid description. It's supposed to be "a notepad on crack"—whatever that may mean. Still, it is both cheaper ($15.00) and more capable as well. I would say that even the free version of Zulupad is just as capable as Gazette

But, if you are willing to spend $22.95, you would be far better off purchasing ConnectedText for just a few dollars more ($29.95). It is ultimately a much better value than any of the others mentioned in this post.

1. Sunday, November 01, 2009: The Website seems to be down. But it can still be downloaded from here: Brothersoft.

Update: The link has gone dead and the application is no longer available. I noticed it on February 1, 2015, but it was probably dead for a while.

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