Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Comparison of Outliners

This is a continuation of the earlier comparison of outliners. At the end of the post I introduced ConnectedText's then new outlining feature. It has evolved quite a bit since that post. One of the most exciting features is that it now supports hoisting as well. Indeed, it is so capable that I think it would be an excellent application even apart from ConnectedText itself. The outline I post here lists the most essential features. (Just click on the picture to enlarge it.)

Compared with the application that is making a lot of noise right now in the Outliner Forum right now, it is definitely much more mature and polished.

The application is a new single-pane outliner. It is called UVOutliner. While it looks good, it does very little.

  • Multiline Rich Text: Each row in the outline can have multiple lines of a rich text. This means that you can format rows in the outline like in any word processor - you can specify colors, font sizes, etc.
  • Styles allow you to specify how to format rows in certain hierarchies. Automatic styling also helps you format the document uniformly while typing.
  • Export: outlines can be exported to plain text or HTML.

I prefer the ConnectedText Outliner—and I do so not just because all my work is deeply connected with this application. I would also prefer TkOutline over this new application, which is really rudimentary, that is, very limited. Yet it requires a framework that when loaded uses more 100 megabytes of memory all by itself.


ballantrae-reprint said...

Following your positive review of Connected Text, I downloaded and installed a copy of the program, eager to use the outliner. Can you tell me where it is, or rather how to be able to use it. I can see it in the view menu, but how do I enter any information? The forum is just too big with too much information.

MK said...

Click View and then Outline (Alt 8). This brings up the Outliner Window. Clicking anywhere on the outliner area will bring up the menu.

Hoping this helps.


ballantrae-reprint said...

It did help. Thanks very much. I can't believe I am so dense, but I think there's a bit of a learning curve to this program. I'll work at it - I have been impressed by what you have written about it since I first found your excellent blog.