Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scrivener Interview

Here you can find an interview with the creator of Scrivener. Not uninteresting! Still no close equivalent on Windows ...

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brownstudy said...

Thought you might find these links interesting:

James Fallows blog post on outliners, particularly a new outliner in the cloud:

Happy New Year! Starting off right with "interesting software" - James Fallows

How to Capture an Idea | Tomorrow Museum

MK said...

Thank you very much!

anatolica said...

Scrivener is really a dream-come-true for me for it helps overcome 'the problem of starting', as you can start anywhere in the text, see your 'progress' dynamically with the edit scrivenings feature, and with the novel -indispensable- index cards corkboard to reorganise the draft. I've been following it for a long time now, and could only recently try it -due not having a mac- and purchased immediately: now I need a real mac to use it:) (in this part of the world, they are priced three times their actual price in the States, and I am still a broke graduate student)

In the meantime, I've been looking for alternatives to Scrivener in pc -for over two years now. Although I still couldn't find any, there are two interesting projects sort of close to Scrivener (no, not that too self-satisfied and media-production oriented celtx -although it's good for screenwriting, and could be as such for -non-fiction writing with all index cards and such):

* The Guide:
I'm sure you've heard about it, this is yet another outliner -a good one. What it allows is to export selected nodes (and their child nodes if needed) besides the whole tree. This I think is vaguely comparable to edit scrivenings feature in scrivener and is useful in drafting.

* LyX outliner project by Rob Oakes:
This may be a dream software for me if it comes true (LyX is already my favourite processor), and Rob Oakes is doing an excellent job on that (I wish I knew some coding:) It basically tries to import some ideas from scrivener to lyx, i.e, the outliner and the corkboard; and as a beta tester, I must say I am impressed.

orkhan said...

Try this one out:

It's an add-on for Word. Looks pretty and still in phase of beta testing, so you can add you comments and wishes.