Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going Minimalist

Here is another post on Notational Velocity (and Writeroom) by Douglas Barone. On the same blog, you also find interesting ideas about a File System Infobase Manager, some of which might be implemented in other note-taking setups as well.[1] The latest post sings the praises of "going minimalist."

It's too minimalist for me, even though I just did a very foolish thing: I bought an iTouch and am experimenting with Evernote as a "universal inbox." I am in the process of revising my earlier views on the wisdom of keeping such an inbox on the Web.

But this change of mind does not mean that I am "going minimalist" myself ... Still, ... take a look at this:

1. See also the earlier post on Lo-Fi, in which I referred to this approach already.

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