Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simplenote and Chrome

As I said in one of my earlier posts, I bought an iTouch. The main reason was that I am doing research and some writing in a library which is not as quiet as I would like it to be. Listening to music seems preferable to listening to students work on their papers.

This is, however, not the only thing the iTouch is good for. Among other things, I can also read the New York Times on the Subway. The Stanza reader is also useful. Since buying the device, I have also read Thomas Mann and Oscar Wilde.

While the iTouch is not designed for note-taking, it works tolerably well in a pinch. The only trouble is how to get the Notes from the device into a PC. At first, I thought that Evernote was the ticket. It allows synchronization of the iTouch and the PC by way of its Website. It is, however, much more than I need (and the interface just does not click with me).

Meanwhile, I have found another setup that for now seems to be preferable. It's the combination of Simplenote, Chrome, and the Simplenote Chrome extension. Both the Simplenote application on the iTouch and the Simplenote extension on Chrome synchronize with the Simplenote Website. You can easily add, edit, or remove content on either the iTouch or Chrome. You can, of course, also do this on the Simplenote Website.

The beauty of the browser extension is that you have all the notes you made always available and thus can copy and paste them into a desktop application for permanent storage (which, in my case, is ConnectedText). This bridges the divide between the Mac and the PC. The setup is so efficient and so beautifully implemented that I will switch from Firefox to Chrome just for this reason. A further benefit is the speed of Chrome. [1]

I should perhaps also point out that there is a version of Chrome for OS X.

1. For an interesting report on Chrome, see here.


Wes said...

For those on a Mac with Simplenote and an iPhone or Touch, Notational Velocity (which you've mentioned previously) is an excellent Simplenote client.

Shatting said...

ive written a successor to simplenote for chrome, called syncpad for simplenote. any comments appreciated!

Marc Rochkind said...

I just upload a new Chrome App (an app, not an extension) to the Chrome Web Store called ChromeNote. Syncs with Simplenote, and works offline, too. As a Chrome App, it runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.