Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lotus Agenda and Windows 7

As you know, DOS applications do not work in Windows 7, and Windows 7 (64 bit) has even more problems with them. You could install a Virtual Machine that emulates XP, but I find it is not worth the trouble for occasionally playing with such applications.

DosBox still works on Windows 7. I tried it. You get an error after installation, but that does not seem to hamper the program. Here is Lotus Agenda running on Windows 7 (64 bit):

It even works full screen:

For some reason, capturing the full-screen application does not return the proper colors, but this is what it looks like (except with the blue color scheme).[1]

A wasted Sunday morning? Perhaps ... but perhaps it could also serve as a new version of minimalist computing? Wordperfect MS-Windows for DOS, Grandview, they all run in DosBox.[2] You could even install Windows 3.1 ... to run the first version of InfoSelect ... But I won't.

I just wish that the unparalleled text matching of Agenda was realized in my favorite application.[3]

By the way, there is DosBox for the Mac as well.

1. Actually, the color scheme changes only if you capture the screen of the full-screen application. If you just use it, it remains as expected.

2. Here is Grandview:

3. See also Agenda. If you want to install DosBox, these instructions help.


otinokyad said...

In case you hadn't noticed, it was a minor holiday yesterday: the 20th birthday (roughly) of Lotus Agenda 2.0:

MK said...

Thanks for this. No, I did not realize. Too bad, they killed it as a mere child.

Manuel said...

Hi MK, I still use Agenda all the time & have done invaluably since 1989. Now my 2005 Windows XP Dell laptop needs replacing with a faster machine with Windows 7. Would you recommend installing an XP Virtual machine on the new machine or running DOSBOX for Agenda as explained in your "Taking Note". I don't use any other DOS programs and I want to stay with Agenda. If you think an XP Virtual machine is the answer, any guidance or links to achieve that? Thank you, Manuel.

Dom R said...

Thank you for this post and blog.
I tried DOSBox as you describe. However, although I can get the program to run, I cannot open my data file — I keep getting told the pathname (which does not include long filenames) does not exist.
* How do you get an existing data file to open in the Agenda program running in dropbox? What do you type in Agenda's File Retrieve box? I'll be very happy for your help! Thank you again.

MK said...

Well, I have not done this for a long time, but you should remember that when you start DosBox you will be in a directory called Z. You then mount the directory you want to be the drive C:

Let's say I have the DosBox directory on a drive with the letter F: and the directory I want to use as C: is called Dos (which has Agenda as a subdirectory).

I type mount C f:\dos

then I type c:

then cd agenda

should be in the c:\agenda now
typing agenda now, starts the program with the prompt.

assuming you have a folder called App under the agenda, you can type into the file box c:\agenda\apps\

that should open the file.

If you want a list of files in that directory press F2.

Hoping this helps,

Dom R said...

Thank you very much, Manfred. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work and is quite mysterious at this point.
I have Agenda in C:\Agenda. There are 53 items in this directory on my computer.
Within DOSBox, it starts in Z:
I do & see the following:
1. Z:\> mount c c:\agenda
2. Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\agenda\
3. Z:\>c:
4. C:\>
5. C:\>agenda
6. Agenda opens but the File Retrieve box has an old defunct pathname, so I use F2 to edit this to C:\AGENDA\ This is when I get error message that the path doesn't exist
7. Here is fascinating part: If I type Z: in the file retrieve box, I get rewarded with a box that says "Select File," - but the box is empty

Apparently my installation of Agenda is looking for a now defunct path. I need to figure out how to tell Agenda WITHIN DOSBOX to find my data file.

Dom R said...

Success: Within the file Retrieve Box, type C:\FILENAME, NOT C:\AGENDA\FILENAME !!

Thank you all very kindly for your help!

Bill Lee said...

See Edward Mendelson's references to Vdos virtuality.