Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Writing Tools

Mark Pilgrim, "a developer and advocate for Google," who has "written open source books," says in an interview that people constantly ask him which editor he uses for writing. His answer: It does not matter. "Picking the right text editor will not make you a better writer. Writing will make you a better writer. Writing, and editing, and publishing, and listening – really listening – to what people say about your writing."

I am not sure about the listening part, but I would agree that the only way to get a book written is by writing it, and the tools you use in writing are, I would agree, not as important: Whether you use a pencil, pen, typewriter, computer, word processor, text editor, etc. is less important than the chair on which you sit (or the desk at which you stand).

This observation does not apply to note-taking or the storage medium of your drafts, which constitute necessary conditions of the possibility of writing—or so I would argue. That's why this is a blog about note-taking and not about pencils and pens.

None of this means, of course, that I don't have a prurient interest in pencils, pens, typewriters, computers, word processors, text editors, etc.

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