Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I just downloaded the new minor upgrade of ConnectedText. It feels more like a major one. Look at this:

As far as I am concerned, the LilyPond plugin which allows you to typeset music and the new ability to ranks searches by relevance are the most important improvements. "Search Results" now shows the results for "Pascal" in my projects. I am not a great admirer of him, even though he was an early adopter of the notecard method, as I pointed out already.[1]

1. "The Pensées, a pile of papers concerning religion, were originally written on mostly large sheets of paper, some of which were subsequently cut into individual passages, of which again only some were divided into twenty-seven bundles or laisse, 414 in all, or just under half of the total were then attached together by thread running through holes pierced in the top left corner and knotted after the title had been given to the group." See also Index Cards and the Fear of Nothing(ness).

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