Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dropbox Folder Sync

I just came across this: "Dropbox Folder Sync is a tool which automatically allows user to link a folder with Dropbox folder, which means no more custom symbolic links headache. It will automatically sync the folders using the Windows Explorer right-click context menu."

It can be downloaded from here

I have not yet tried it yet, however.


Cristóbal said...

I Just found your blog and I really dig it. I downloaded connectedtext to try how it works before that i was trying to use excel as my "nformation manager" I think I wil still try to do that.

By the way I downloaded dropbox and it works perfectly.


satyadeep said...

A new version (2.5) of Dropbox Folder Sync is released with unsync feature, automatic dropbox path detection and several other fixes.
Check it out