Monday, June 14, 2010

Book on a Stick

Book on a Stick is a modified version of Wiki on a Stick, that is, a wiki that "lives in one self-modifying XHTML file." It is clearly inspired by TiddlyWiki. In fact, Book on a Stick even uses the TiddlySaver.jar.

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It uses WikiCreole as its markup language.[1] But it also can do footnotes—sort of.[2]

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I dislike the editor because it is looks very busy:

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An interesting application. It won't me make switch, however.[3]

1. See also WikiCreole on Taking Note.
2. It does not help that the footnotes appeared on the top of the page when I tried it out. But I was able to change the CSS entry for the footnotes from "margin-top:-3em;" to "margin-bottom:-1em;" This makes the footnotes appear correctly.
3. Also, it seems that you cannot save entries in Chrome.

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