Thursday, June 10, 2010

The End of Luminotes

I just found out that Luminotes has shut down. The Website says: " has shut down. Thanks for all of your support and enthusiasm. I couldn't have asked for nicer users. Interested in what Luminotes used to look like? Check out the tour. If you're still using Luminotes Desktop or Luminotes Server on your own, check out the Luminotes Community support group. Note that this is a 3rd-party group, so they won't be able to answer any account questions about"

I have to say that I regret this very much, even though I myself did not use it (since I use ConnectedText). For earlier comments, see Luminotes and More on Luminotes. I would have thought that there was room for applications at several different levels of sophistication in the realm of wikis. Too bad that this does not seem to be true.

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