Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goethe's Pencil

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe explains in his autobiography, that in writing poetry he preferred pencils "I liked best to get hold of a lead pencil, because I could write most readily with it; whereas the scratching and spluttering of the pen would sometimes wake me from my somnambular poetizing, confuse me, and stifle a little conception in its birth. For the poems thus created I had a particular reverence." See Truth and Poetry: From my Own Life, trans. Rev.A.J.W Morrison, Bell & Daldy: London 1868.

Well, I don't write poetry and there is no danger of anything waking me from "somnabular poeticizing," but I still like pencils—mechanical pencils, that is.

I wonder what Goethe would have made of typewriters.

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