Monday, July 12, 2010

iNote 2010

PPC iNote 2010 is a personal or desktop wiki application. It seems capable. I have not tested it, and given the screenshots, etc. I will not test it either.

One thing that should be considered by everyone is its price:
  • Home edition: $29.00 (though downloadable for free) is for personal, non-commercial use only, offers max. 500 notes, limited support and upgrades - 30 days.
  • Standard edition: $ 79.00 is aimed at professional users and offers more notes and extended support and upgrades, offers max. 1000 notes, 3 months.
  • Professional edition: $249,00 is aimed at professional users and offers nearly unlimited notes and full support and free upgrades for a year. "Unlimited" notes seems to mean 100.000 notes.
$249.00 for just one year? I wonder who would buy this.
$79.00 for three months and just 1000 notes? You would have to be stupid.

The pricing and the very serious limitations in time and capacity disqualify iNotes 2010 as a serious offering—at least for me. This is the main reason why I will not even try it.

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