Friday, August 13, 2010

Jünger's Card Index

Ernst Jünger extensively used card indexes. Among others, he had one, in which he collected "last words" of famous and not so famous people.

He also collected words that are synonymous with or similar to "hand."

Weird ... but perhaps no weirder than collecting passages about fog, as Umberto Eco did. They end up in one of his novels, where he conceives of a character that collects them. Paul Celan collected words in different language for "Herbstzeitlose," and many other authors just collected "beautiful passages."

There are collections that are even stranger (and more difficult to store).


Frank Hirtz said...

Arno Schmidt (aside from his extensive Zettelkasten) collected words and adjectives for the moon. He was very proud if it and claimed to have the best German metaphors for the pale cheese on the sky.

MK said...

He also collected etymes which according to him are atoms of words or the the nuclei of original meaning.

He also thought that they form the creative "underbelly" of all literature.

One day I will have to write an entry to him and his Zettelkasten.