Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ResophNotes 1.7 has Internal Links

ResophNotes sports Internal Links. Enclosing any word or words with square brackets, creates a link to a topic with that name. If the topic exists, it links to the existing topic. If the topic does not exist, you are asked whether you want to create it. Clicking O.K. does create it. It's like a very simple wiki, though deleting a just created topic does not remove the link (nor does it change it back to look like a potential link). But it's obviously not meant to reproduce all wiki capabilities. Notetab, for instance, behaves very much like this.

The links are case sensitive, so [New topic], [new Topic], and [new topic] all create different topics. (Don't know whether that is good.)

Still, I would say that this feature puts ResophNotes heads and shoulders above Notational Velocity and Nottingham. It's an example of a PC applications that has become in a short much better than anything available for the Mac! I'd just wish someone would do this for a simple Outliner.[1]

1. Wednesday, August 18, 2010: See also ResophNotes and ResophNotes 1.4.


janb said...

Jreepad at http://jreepad.sourceforge.net/ has this functionality. You can choose between CamelCase or words between {{ and ]]. Javabased and not very nicelooking, but it works.

MK said...

Yes, it is like Notetab because it is using it as a model. See also Comparison of Outliners.

It does not sync with Simplenote, however. (I added some links to past entries to make clearer that this is the main reason why I am interested in ResophNotes.

Anonymous said...

I like ResophNotes a lot and appreciate your admiration for it. I won't argue whether or not it is better than Notational Velocity at this point, but NV does have some features RN is lacking: Basic text formatting; tagging (though rudimentary); and column displays of basic meta data (tags, modified date, created date), which can be sorted. Whether these features trump linking or vice versa depends upon ones needs. That said, ResophNotes is advancing quickly, and I wouldn't be surprised if they add these features and more.

Thank you for keeping us updated on this great little program.

MK said...

Meta data it doesn't, but it does formatting through Markup (just like Notational Velocity, if I remember correctly.)

As to tagging, you can add words as keywords to your notes and then filter them according to these.

I should add that I use ResophNotes and SimpleNote as my Inbox (in conjunction with ConnectedText). So I don't need the Metadata (nor the markup). In fact, if it allowed txt2tags as an alternative, I would be even happier.

But perhaps I got carried away by the new ability to link notes, which makes it even more useful to me—especially because you can also use "[[" "]]" to indicate the links. (This makes them look like ordinary text, but they work just the same.

I really appreciate your comments!