Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rule of 200

"The Rule of 200 works like this: my document word count must increase by 200 before I am done for the day, no exceptions. 200 words is a modest goal. It isn't even an entire page of double-spaced 12pt font. It's a grocery list, an email, a series of text messages; it's a lot shorter than most of my ProfHacker posts (this one included). Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to write 200 words. Sometimes it takes all day long. But no matter what, before my head hits the pillow for the night, the word count is +200." (Chronicle)

I guess in the summer or on sabbatical it should be more like 1000 words or more (plus the research that allows you to write these words).


charlesritus said...

Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have encountered this blog. Like a lot of people I don't leave comments but read regularly your posts. I do a lot of reading for research in philosophy (mostly in english though I'm french) and your thoughts helped me a lot thinking about a proper method for managing my notes. I am also very interested in your comments on note taking applications. Keep on going !

MK said...

Thank you very much for the flowers.