Thursday, October 14, 2010


I recently switched from the traditional AutoHotkey, whose development seems to have stopped, to AtutoHotkey_L (available at the very same Website). If you ask why:
  • it has a Windows 64 bit version
  • it encodes UTF-16 natively
  • it supports COM natively
  • it supports objects
The items are listed in the order of importance to my needs. The Windows 64 version runs faster on my machine, and the UTF-16 support makes things easier in relation to ConnectedText. I will have to learn how to use COM and objects, but I will try.

All the scripts I had written for the old version seem to work. I only had to disable some lines, like "Transform Clipboard, Unicode, %UC%" that were needed for ConnectedText (and are now moot).


MK said...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010: I have gone back to the previous version because there is a problem with sending Umlaute from AhK to other applications which does not have an obvious solution.

MK said...

Never mind, I found the solution on the German Website. The scripts themselves have to be saved as UTF 8. (It would be good, if that incompatibility was made more explicit in the instructions.)