Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beta Version of Scrivener for Windows

You can get the beta version of Scrivener for Windows here. I downloaded it last night (which was difficult, due—I suppose—to the heavy volume of people downloading it.

I fooled around with it for a few hours last night. I can say this:
  • it looks and behaves very much like the Mac version, if I remember correctly
  • it imports rtf files properly (footnotes and all); I exported a ConnectedText topic to rtf and then imported it into Scrivener—worked like a charm
  • I like the full-screen mode and the statistics feature
  • it did not crash on me once during the three hours I fooled around with it
  • it only seems to have an English spell checker—bummer
  • its paragraph formatting is still very rudimentary
  • the corkboard view does just as little in this version than it did on the Mac (but I am sure many people will like it)
It's certainly better already than yWriter, Writer's Cafe, PageFour, and any other Windows "writing" software I know. But I still prefer ConnectedText because
  1. ConnectedText does everything I want out of a writing program. Scrivener does not do a thing more that I would really want, even it it looks pretty.
  2. The Research capabilities of Scrivener do not measure up to ConnectedText

I hope I am not unfair, because it is just a first beta. In any case, I might change my mind on it and consider it a worthy companion to ConnectedText, sort of like many people on the Mac work with a combo of DevonThink (or TinderBox) and Scrivener. I just don't see it at the moment!


kayembi said...

Hi, thanks for your feedback about Scriv (I'm the Mac developer). Glad you mostly liked it, even if you prefer ConnectedText (which looks like a great program). I just wanted to let you know that the paragraph formatting is indeed rudimentary at the moment but that will be fixed over the coming months, before it goes on sale, and likewise the spell-checker won't remain English-only; these are just limitations of this first, very early beta. Not that I'm trying to convert you - there are lots of great options out there for writers which can only be a good thing, I think, and as I say ConnectedText looks great and we should probably include it on our links page. Thanks, Keith.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday at my office, where we use Windows PCs, I downloaded the beta of the Windows version of Scrivener and began using it for the promotional writing that is part of my job. I've been convinced that Scrivener would make a great tool for copy writers, so now I get to test that hypothesis. I'll let you know how the experiment works.

MK said...

I understand that Scrivener is early beta, and it works well, even though it is. I am looking forward to the improvements.

Kensai said...

Have you ever tried Liquid Story Binder or SuperNoteCard? I'm not advocating either, just wondering how either of them would stack up in your opinion versus your accustomed workflow. LSB has a ton of functionality, though I don't know if it can handle your research focus properly. SuperNoteCard has alot of stuff focused on research and works on the note card paradigm.

Anyway, my only point here is that those are the only other Windows options I know of, and so far the Scrivener for Windows beta isn't doing anything for me, so I'm trying to think outside of the given boxes.


Berzins said...

What ir extremely surprising, the new software uses extremely outdated alpha verison of aspell:
Aspell 0.50.3 alpha

Why not aspell 0.60.x or today's standard - hunspell?

Claire said...

first of all, thank you for the post, MK!
and how about a new version for Windows 7?
are there any updates or anything?