Sunday, October 24, 2010

Extending ConnectedText

ConnectedText is a very capable application. It's almost always open on my computer, as I do all serious writing and note-taking in it. One of the good things is that it can easily be extended. Here are the extensions I use:
  1. There are first of all the Plugins shipped with ConnectedText. I list them in the order of importance to me
    • Python Plugin (I have a number of scripts that make topic processing easier)
    • Highlight Plugin (very useful in editing—especially for the footnote feature)
    • RSS Plugin
    • Ploticus Plugin
    • Graphviz Plugin
    • Sparkline Plugin
    • TeX Plugin (I have really no use for this one)
    • LilyPond Plugin (I have really no use for this one either)
  2. AutoHotkey; I use it for everything from inserting Umlaute, formatting, and other ConnectedText Commands, as well as autocorrecting
  3. WordWeb Pro; one right click on a word gives access to this Thesaurus (there is a free version available)
  4. ResophNotes; press +^R, ^N (for a new note); I use it for quick notes that I write down so as to not to break my concentration, saving the entries as text files in a directory.[1] Resophnotes syncs its files on all my computers and can be easily imported into ConnectedText (in fact, since I only import from it, all I have to do is to select Project/Import and press Enter.[2]

1. ResophNotes can be used as a front end for Simplenote on a PC. So it also gives you access to notes you make on your iPod.

2. ResophNotes thus also replaces the AutoHotkey script I wrote about in Self-Control.


Lucas said...

Hi Manfred,

Thanks for this post. Regarding the Highlight Plugin, could you clarify what you mean by "footnote feature"? Which script language are you using?



MK said...

The highlight plugin (for the editor) allows you to see footnotes as highlighted in a variety of ways. I have set the background to gray, so that I know where footnotes end and start.

The footnote feature is part of ConnectedText's formatting. [!footnote!] will show up as an auto-numbered footnote in the viewer (but perhaps I misunderstood the question).

Lucas said...

Okay, thanks, I see what you mean. I had thought you were referring to the "Highlight Plugin" which is an optional syntax highlighting plugin in ConnectedText, but which highlights syntax in display mode, not edit mode. But I now I see that you were referring instead to syntax highlighting in edit mode. Anyway, thanks for all your efforts in sharing info on ConnectedText. It's been an on-and-off relationship for me so far, but I seem to keep coming back to CT...