Saturday, October 30, 2010

Notational Velocity versus ResophNotes

I am aware that I am comparing "apples" and "oranges" here, but I thought it might be interesting to apply the same (flawed) principles used in the comparison of Notational Velocity and Nottingham (both on the Mac) to compare Notational Velocity and Resophnotes (on the PC);

Both are free:
Notational Velocity: 10/10
ResphNotes: 10/10

Both install from Zip Files. Notational Velocity's Zip File is 1.6 MB, ResophNotes is 7.2 MB. Apparently Notational Velocity is 4.1MB on disk; ResophNotes is just 0.708 MB on disk, but if you look at the entire folder it's 16.4 MB. Seems like a clear advantage for Notational velocity, even though it is of course tricky to compare file sizes on different OS's.
Notational Velocity: 6/10
ResphNotes: 4/10

I think this is trivial, perhaps even frivolous, but I like ResophNotes' Icon much better. (I have no idea why "Icon" should be as important as "Features," i.e. have the same weight, but here it goes.)
Notational Velocity: 6/10
ResphNotes: 8/10

The general layout is similar, though Resophnotes does not show the dates viewer as Notational Velocity does. Some view this as a shortcoming. I don't, but I will deduct two points. On the other hand, ResphNotes has tags, which Notational Velocity has not. This seems to me worth at least three points.
Notational Velocity: 7/10
ResphNotes: 8/10

Ease of Use
Both are minimal. You need to press Ctrl-N to write a new note and cannot just start typing in the search box. I like this better, but I will keep the points the same.
Notational Velocity: 7/10
ResphNotes: 7/10

Notational Velocity allows formatting (bold, italics, underline). ResophNotes doesn't (because it is a plain text application). I would not call this a shortcoming as I use wiki-formatting to format (//,**,__) and almost everything ultimately ends up in ConnectedText, but others would most certainly look at it as a short-coming (-1). On the other hand, ResophNotes accepts Markdown, which can be translated into HTML and viewed in ResphNotes itself (and copied and pasted into an application capable of rtf (formatting remains) (+1). ResphNotes also allows you to e-mail a note. ResophNotes does not encrypt—not important to me, but it may be important to others (-1).
Notational Velocity 8/10
ResphNotes: 7/10

Notational Velocity gets 7.3/10, ResophNotes also gets 7.3/10.

As I said at the beginning, I know I am comparing Apple and PC applications (and if you have not realized by now that my tongue is firmly in my cheek, you have missed something).

Still, I think this application on the apple platform is no better than the application on the PC platform. Both allow
  • Modeless Operation: Searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface.
  • Incremental Search: Searching encompasses all notes’ content and occurs instantly with each key pressed
  • Mouseless Interaction: The window was designed for keyboard input above all else, and thus has no buttons.
  • Data Instead of Documents: There is no manual “saving” in Notational Velocity; all modifications take effect immediately.
  • and, most importantly, both sync with SimpleNote.
If encryption of personal notes, native italics, bolding and underlining are important to you, switch to OSX (or another PC-application). I wouldn't ...

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