Saturday, November 20, 2010

Papyrus Author 3.5

I just bought another word processor for my German exploits: Papyrus Autor 3.5.[1] It's not to be confused with the word processor included in Papyrus Office 12.5. The first is most definitely German. It includes the famous "Duden Korrektor," a spell, grammar and style checker that is better than anything else I know. The second is (includes) a MS-Word compatible word processor that is also available in English. It is, apart from the German author's tools, the same. But I only bought it mainly for the tightly integrated grammar and style checker.

Papyrus Autor shares what is in my view a major flaw with the plain vanilla Papyrus word processor, and this is the lack of automatic conversion of footnotes to and from endnotes. In fact, endnotes, like other references, are stored in a proprietary database. For anyone doing academic work, this is a serious shortcoming, as many publishers insist on endnotes (while some want footnotes).

This is why Atlantis remains important to me. It easily allows you to transform the one to the other. My plan is to use Papyrus Author only for polishing the German and Atlantis only in the transformation of ConnectedText's markup to rtf and final copy. I am now about two-thirds done with the first draft of a 350 page German book in ConnectedText, and I have begun to transfer the chapters into rtf.[2]

1. "Das Schreibprogramm für Schriftsteller und alle, für die es auf ihren Text ankommt." It isn't cheap by any means. It's available for both Windows and the Mac

2. I am using the Beta version of ConnectedText 5 which, by the way, has a very capable German spelling checker and allows for different spell checkers for different projects.

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