Saturday, December 18, 2010


Noteliner  is a minimalist, yet very capable intrinsic (one-pane) outliner, which is actively developed by Sam Hawksworth. It is freeware and can be used for anything from a simple todo list to a complicated writing project.

I especially like the drill-down feature that lets you work on a particular "page" or outline level without having to worry about the rest of the structure.

It is almost good enough to replace Brainstorm for me, though I am still hoping that something will happen with Brainstorm.

Noteliner is definitely worth a try!


Sam said...

Hi, I'm curious to know what would make it better (rather than 'almost'), I'm trying to figure out where to go with version 3.0, which I'll probably be developing in the next few months. Sam

MK said...

For me, the main thing would be the ability to add links to websites, files and perhaps other applications, like this "ct://Journal/20101219", which links to a topic in ConnectedText which I use heavily. But other applications have similar links (and Brainstorm handles them well).

Formatting would be less important to me, as I use markup (Wiki, but also txt2tags), which makes transformation to HTML easy. Integration with a markup language would perhaps be interesting.