Saturday, January 29, 2011

Notational Velocity 2.0β4

"There finally exists a kind of wiki-like linking in Notational Velocity, in the ability to turn any text into a link by placing it inside [[double square brackets]]. If that text is the title of an existing note, then clicking it will jump to that note, searching for it in the process. (The Deselect button in the search/title field will double as a back button.) If no such note exists, just press return to create one with that title, exactly as you're used to doing already." (See here.)

ResophNotes (Windows) had this for a while.


Anonymous said...

And virtually all of ResophNotes' other features were copied straight from Notational Velocity — many of which were years old — but I didn't see you making such comments on the author's change log.

MK said...

I thought it was absolutely obvious that ResophNote was (is) a clone of Notational Velocity. That's why I did not point it out especially.

I don't think that the author of ResophNotes would deny it either. He provided poor and deprived Windows users with a utility that Mac users had for a long time.

I certainly meant no slight to the original author of Notational Velocity.

In fact, I found it interesting that a clone surpassed the original in one feature for a short time.