Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paypyrus Autor, Again

As I posted in November 2010, I bought a rather expensive German Word Processor "for writers," called "Papyrus Author." It turned out to have some rather serious issues in windows 7 (64 bit). It crashes with beautiful regularity and it does not close down properly. There might be other issues which I have not found out, as I am no longer trying to use it regularly.

On December 31, a new version came out, which apparently fixed (some of) the issues, but I don't know, as I never could use it. I waited to be notified about where I could download it. This notification never came. On January 12, I wrote an e-mail to support, asking whether I was expected to pay the upgrade fee. I never received an answer.

Now, it appears that there is a free upgrade, IF you bought the previous version within the previous two months (which now seem to have passed), but you can only order it by giving a credit card number, bank connection, etc. I will not provide this, as the wording regarding the upgrade is ambiguous. Strictly speaking, I did not buy the previous version within the last two months (but bought it within the two months preceding the the new version), so I could be charged. But I will not again pay for something that might not work on my operating system.

I guess I am out of luck, and I now have a useless piece of software for which I paid more than $200.00.

Needless to say, I am miffed.

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