Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Since someone asked, Atlantis is a word processor which offers most of the standard features, but it is not bloated. If you need Tables or revision control, it is not for you. On the other hand, it offers "Save as eBook" which converts converts any document to the eBook format. Atlantis also saves to doc and docx. And it does outlining, styles, footnotes and endnotes. It also handles different languages well. In other words, Atlantis does everything I want out of a word processor.

Atlantis can be installed on a USB drive as a portable application.

Another plus: no ribbon to take usable space!

The standard registration fee is $35, i.e. a fraction of what you have to pay for the behemoth. You can try before you buy.

I recommend it highly!


M said...
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M said...

I saw your old post where you explained why you ditched infohandler for ConnctedText. I have a bunch of stuff in infohandler and I am now contemplating ConnectedText. Any advice on a best practice to move all my stuff over? Thanks.

MK said...

About InfoHandler: I am sorry, but it's too long ago. I don't remember what I did. And ConnectedText has changed quite a bit since that time.

M said...

ok, thanks for replying.

MK said...


1. there is a Menu item called "Filter" that allow you to filter by category by selecting checkboxes for different items (It's a top level item).

2. Grouping categories is best done by making a category of categories (i.e. a hierarchy). Let's say you have categories for many philosophers, like Plato, Kant, Quine, you could assign the category "philosopher" to each of them, etc. The categories then show up in an outline. (The next version will also have a cloud view.)

3. Look at the Topic "Smart Pages" for one way (Inline Queries).


M said...

Hi Manfred,

I think we are talking on the ConnectedText forum (beginner questions?) :-).