Friday, March 4, 2011

Cloud View (for Categories) in ConnectedText

I hope I am not revealing any trade secrets, but here is what cloud view in ConnectedText looks like now (Beta):

Click on the picture to enlarge!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that development of ConnectedText progresses. It looked stuck there for a while. Thanks!

MK said...

Here is what is planned for version 5 (most is already implemented in the latest Beta). As I said before, I hope I am not giving away trade secrets.
* Password protected projects.
* New $ASK format results: CLOUD and PIE. PIE creates a pie chart of the values of a selected property.
* New Spell check engine. Can use any OpenOffice dictionary.
* Per project dictionary selection.
* $IMG will be editable. Clicking in edit mode will open the Insert Image dialog.
* Edit $IMG parameters will be editable when an image is pasted or drag and dropped.
* Improved Image/File manager. Show files that are not being used.
* Editor improvements
* Improved regex engine
* Recycle bin for deleted topics
* Counting of category members
* Use of Graphviz with USB
* $APP command
* Support for Python 2.7
* More OLE properties in Topic class
* Topic merge
* Improved list handling
* Cloud display for categories
* Improved syntax highlighting
* Accept HHC.EXE and external editor without path.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Manfred. I don't use ConnectedText much anymore, but I admire it and look forward to giving the new version a look.