Friday, April 1, 2011

QuickPad Pro

In the category of "Amish Computing:" Here is a very detailed review of the Quickpad Pro.

The Quickpad Pro was (is) an interesting alternative to the Neo. It runs on four AA batteries and can run DOS applications. But not all applications are guaranteed to run. It can be bought at the moment at eBay for $89.99.

It's a bit dated, having come out in 2002, I think. The domain is currently unavailable. There is a private website that has interesting information and links, including one to a Yahoo group which you have to join in order to gain access to the information. Someone complains in this group that he tried "numerous" dos editors, and that none worked. WordStar and MS-Word 5.5 can apparently be made to work.[1]

I was half-tempted (no, more than that: I made an offer) to buy it and experiment with it in order to run Lotus Agenda, but $89.99 is too much for this experiment—at least for me—and I will not start collecting keyboards like this. They take up much more space than pencils.

P.S.: I will not, I say "not" ... collect keyboards.

1. The HP 95LX does run Agenda. See here. It can be bought more cheaply, but the keyboard is atrocious.


Anonymous said...

I have two QuickPad Pro laptop alternatives and LOVE them. I am not sure about Lotus Agenda but it does run Microsoft WORKS for DOS and Microsoft Word for DOS. I also have a free e-reader program and use it to read .txt ebooks (the large screen is much better than a small phone for reading e-book) and basically use it as anyone would an iPad (it comes with a built in contact manager and schedule planner). I am an accountant and use it everyday to take notes in meetings and even to do some spreadsheets using the MS Works program and then taking them into Excel. Can't say enough about the device it is great

jmmlechado said...

Hello, how do you do?

Just to ask, where do you buy your QuickPad Pro? I want to buy one but I only find it on eBay with no shipping to Spain, where I live.

Thank you.

MK said...

Perhaps E-bay would be the place to look. There seem to be some available at times.