Sunday, May 15, 2011

OmniOutliner for the iPad

Here the advertisement for OmniOutliner for the iPad, disguised as a review.

I have nothing against advocating a certain program. I do this myself. But I have problems with calling a piece of "advocacy" a "review." As I am interested in programs for the PC and the Mac (and own an iPad 2 now), I have many occasions to compare the discussion of different products on both platforms. The problem of confusing "reviewing" (which should include at least an attempt at objectivity) and "advocacy" seems much bigger when Mac products are concerned.

Mind you, this does not mean that I will not use OmniOutliner for the iPad, but the price is a bit prohibitive for an iPad application: $19.99 and there seems to be no Textexpander support.[1] No DropBox support either.[2]

1. Read the comments for some more critical voices.
2. The "review" points this out.


Anonymous said...

If $20 for a writing tool is "prohibitive", how important is your writing?

For lots of people, capturing one good idea that you might otherwise have lost is well worth much more than $20.

MK said...

That is a ridiculous "argument," if an argument it is meant to be. Whether I use a $500.00 fountain pen or a $1.00 mechanical pencil has nothing to do with the importance of what I write.

Furthermore, a $1.00 mechnical pencil captures ideas just as efficiently as a $500.00 fountain pen.

The same thing holds for software! I am using Nebulous Notes at this time (and it has, though just $1.99, definite advantages over OmniOutliner).

And I do own some expensive pens and mechanical pencils!