Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tinderbox Review

Steve Zeoli, who is the author of the blog Welcome to Sherwood and has honored this blog with occasional comments, has written a long and informative review of Tinderbox.

The fact that it has already been ripped off a few times without acknowledgment clearly attests to its quality.[1]

1. There are also several entries on Tinderbox on his blog that are worth reading. Endorsement of the review does not mean that I would endorse Tinderbox. I would not use it, even if I still had a Mac. It did not agree with me; and I was not going to contort myself into the shape that was necessary to use it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice comments, Manfred. Your reaction to Tinderbox reminds me of my reaction to ConnectedText, an application I admire, but which I could never feel comfortable with, but which I know you rely upon. It's these differences that makes discussion of these applications so interesting, I think.

MK said...

Yes, I agree that there are differences in thinking style, etc. that determine our preferences different software tools (and it does not make much sense to argue about these preferences). As my favorite philosopher said: "there is no disputing about taste" (even though he also held that we legitimately quarrel about it). In the spirit of the latter claim: You can be very quickly productive in ConnectedText at a very basic level. There is a fairly steep learning curve for some of the more complex operations. I found Tinderbox to be difficult from the "get go" (and one of the great virtues of your review is that it shows how to surmount these difficulties).