Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update on Advanced Diary

I reported some time ago on why I switched from The Journal to Advanced Diary. One of the things I liked most was how it integrates with ConnectedText. Meanwhile, actually not long after that post. I imported the contents of the journal into ConnectedText. I have been happily using ConnectedText ever since for journaling.

I will be even happier when ConnectedText will allow password protection of projects (scheduled for version 5.0)


steve said...

I really enjoy your blog. I've been reading for a while now, with an interest in personal wikis and minimalist word processing.

I was wondering if you had a second choice to ConnectedText? I'm looking for an easy to use personal wiki. I've been using the 30 day trial of ConnectedText and it certainly does everything I need, and more. But I always try to use Open Source software. I've looked at WikiPad and RedNotebook. They both seem like they might work for me. Is there something in ConnectedText that you feel you can't get anywhere else?

MK said...

Thanks for the comment. I have tried everything that could be considered an alternative to ConnectedText (on the PC and the Mac). In my judgment nothing comes even close.

Wikidpad's feature set comes closest, but I have found it unstable in the past. I also don't like the tree feature. ReNotebook is still a bit short of features.

If you are looking for something simple, LinkedNotes might be best LinkedNotes. The paid version does some things that ConnectedText can't do natively yet(export to rtf and encryption of pages). Still, it does not substitute for ConnectedText—at least for me. What I cannot get anywhere else?

1. The support of Eduardo Mauro. He is really the most responsive software developer I have ever encountered.
2. It's rock solid. It has never crashed. I trust it!
3. Categories, attributes, and properties.
4. Very powerful search feature. Voodoopad on the Mac fell really short on this.
5. No limit on number of of topics.
6. The Outline feature. It's not a an outliner by nature, but the outline feature allows you to sort out the information when it comes time to write a first draft.

steve said...

I see what you mean. After using ConnectedText for only a week, I can see it is much ahead of the others. It has a lot of common sense efficiencies built into it, and I'm sure I'm only using it at 5% of it's capacity yet. I do wish the UI was a little cleaner, and I wish there were some tutorials or videos to help me learn what it can do faster. I get the feeling I could be even more efficient. In any case, I'm sold. Thanks again. I'll keep reading.

MK said...

It might be good, if you could say a little more about the UI and how it could be cleaner. I have been using it for more than five years and I just don't notice those things.

I would tell Eduardo Mauro, if you were not willing, what could be done to clean it up.

steve said...

Sure, I'd love to contribute. I'll have a little think and write back.