Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ema Personal Wiki

Ema Personal Wiki is an application for the Android and Windows. Both applications can use DropBox, so it's easy to synchronize the Android with the Windows Version.

The Windows Wiki is free, if you buy the Android version.[1] It requires .NET framework 3.5.

You link pages by using either the CamelBack convention or by enclosing a word in curly brackets, like this: {camelback}, which is a bit unusual. For formatting the program uses Markdown. You can do check boxes "[]" and "[x]" (for a checked box). It has a (very) rudimentary search function (which does not include the titles or wiki words).

I have tried the Windows Version and would try the Android version, if it were available on Amazon. It's an interesting concept!

1. "You are allowed to install and use the Windows version of Ema Personal Wiki v1.x if you bought the Android app. If you didn’t, feel free to try the application for some days and donate some money via PayPal if you like the application and want to continue using it. You may not use the Windows application if you didn’t pay." But see also this newer entry.


Julio said...

As of July 11th 2011, Ema is both freeware and open source, both for Windows and for Android.

The Windows application was refactored once since.


Julio said...

I forgot, the announcement is here: