Monday, June 6, 2011


Wuala is a "cloud service" by LaCie, the European hard disk manufacturer. Their claim: "Backup. Sync. Share. Access Everywhere. All data encrypted on your computer." It's available for windows, the Mac, Unix, and "mobile devices."

It's considered better than DropBox by some—especially as far as security is concerned. Others dispute this claim.[1] 1 GB is free, 10 GB cost 19 EUR per year (25 GB - 39 EUR, 50 GB - 59 EUR, 100 GB - 99 EUR, 250 GB - 229 EUR). You can pay, using paypal.

Features considered "pro features" are now available in the free version as well.

1. Just do a search for "Wuala." It's supposed to be pronounced like "voilĂ ," by the way.


JWS02459 said...

Thank you for the tip regarding Wuala. The service is run by Lacie, the hard drive manufacturer, and owners of Lacie drives get an additional 10 gigs of storage by entering the serial number of their drives (I suspect that this applies only to recently purchased drives and that it expires after a year).

Wuala allows syncing of files without having to move them to a special folder or dealing with symbolic links (as is the case with Dropbox) and also provides tools for running scheduled backups of files, which is useful when creating an offsite depository for documents.

I will probably continue to use Dropbox (as well as MobileMe, though its days are now numbered) for synchronizing files across machines and use Wuala chiefly for offsite backups.

Levi said...

I prefer Spider Oak. You get 2GB free (3 if you are invited) and can get up to 50GB with invites. Here's an invite: