Sunday, July 17, 2011

Befriending MS-Word (Again)

I used to write all my papers with MS-Word, wrote more than one book and many book reviews with it, and I still had Word 2002 on my computer. I tried Word 2007, but the ribbon and its unfamiliar Interface put me so off that I never used after giving it an extensive trial.

My University has a new site license for MS products. so I downloaded MS-Office 2010 and installed it to work on the very last version of my book manuscript. Atlantis, which I did use for the last four months, crashed with relative frequency on my office computer recently. It seems to have to do either with the size of the file (1.77 MB) or with the settings for “auto save,” which was set to the same USB Drive I save the document too. (I have a hunch it was the latter, but don’t have the time to figure it out.) I had bought Papyrus for this phase anyway, but the version I bought crashes constantly (and the developer does not respond to any e-mail I sent to him about this problem).[1]

So, I am now using MS-Word. The Ribbon still bothers me. So, I “replaced” it by something that resembles the old Menu bar, using the following procedure:

  • Press CTRL + F1 hides the ribbon (it's a toggle)
  • Right-click anywhere on the Menu Bar; select Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon
  • Click on “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” icon (last item on the toolbar)
  • Select “More Commands”
  • Click “Choose Commands from…” and select All Commands
  • Select the command you want and click the “Add button”
  • Click OK

I found the instructions on the Internet after searching for a considerable time. It should have been easier.[2]

There are rumors that Windows 8 is going to have The Ribbon everywhere. I hope they will include a toggle to turn it off easily. If not, Windows 7 will be the last version of Windows I’ll buy.

But, however that may be, MS-Word 2010 now works well (or so it seems right now).



1. Do I need to say that I do not recommend Papyrus? It’s expensive, unreliable and lacking in support!

2. Here!

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