Friday, August 19, 2011


Elyse seems to be the one I have been looking for. Love at first sight.

From their Website: "The concept of folders and directories is replaced in Elyse by tag nodes. Each node is somewhat like a saved search only much faster. Nodes are arranged in trees and give a similar effect to that of folders and directories. The difference is that the trees can be rearranged without any impact on how the files are stored or what tags are associated with each file. The same copy of one file can simultaneously appear in multiple overlapping groups of files, each group represented by a node. For example, you might have a photo of the family at the beach while on holidays. The same one file in Elyse can appear in a list of last summer's holiday photos and also in a list of photos of family members."

"Elyse also recognises that relationships exist between tags. For example: lions, ostriches and elephants are all animals. By creating a tag relationship structure to define these relationships it becomes possible to instantly create a list of all files that have an animal type tag associated with them. There is no need to attach the tag animal to every file about an animal."

It's available for both Windows and the OS X.

I will post more after I have used it extensively.


EMauro said...

I like the concept very much but what worries me is that all files are stored in a single file.

MK said...

The files is not just stored in the database. They also remains in their previous locations. So there are always the original files as well. No need to worry about losing things when the database goes bad.

But this creates another problem. "In a similar fashion to accessing files on the internet, they cannot be directly modified within the database."

So, if you modify a file from inside Elyse, it gets saved to the Temp folder. Next time you open it, from within the program, it seems to have reverted to the old version. If you modify it outside of Elyse, the changes do not show up either in the version that resides in Elyse. So you would have to delete it in Elyse and re-import it. Also, there is no automatic way to save to save from an application Elyse.

These limitations considerably dampens my enthusiasm!

It's suitable only for static files, not for real work.

EMauro said...

I think the developer can solve it easily. He can create a hash for each file and re-import a file if the hash is different from the one stored in the database.

MK said...

Sorry about the grammar. I changed singulars to plurals and did not change the verb.

It may be easy to change the program, but at his point I am a bit disappointed.