Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RikiTikiWiki for Windows

This application is described as a "desktop wiki, an information sharing tool for collecting and organizing shared knowledge into a hyper-linked, searchable database." The installation instructions tell you to install the wiki into "a shared folder on the network" and to give all staff read/write privileges.

It turns out, you do not need to do this. Any folder will do.

The wiki comes with an implementation of a hospital pharmacy department. It is easy to delete this content and to use it for any kind of information.

Here the kicker: It is nothing but a rewrite in Delphi of Will Duquette's Notebook application which I used between 2003 and 2005 and for which I still have a soft spot in my heart. The author, Rick Tharp, used Delphi, DISQLite3 Personal and DICreole, a markup parser, converter and document generator for the Creole markup language for Delphi. So you don't have to use html tags, as you did in Will Duquette's Notebook. I think this is a welcome addition.[1]

Wikicreole is very close to ConnectedText's markup language.

The author asks for a $50 donation at download time. Will Duquette's application was always free (and I am sorry he seems to have lost interest and does not seem to develop it any further).

I have for now installed the program in a Dropbox folder, so I can use it for quick notes.

I think this implementation is a very good application to get your feet wet with wikis, though I am sure that after a while, you will want more, like ConnectedText.

1. On the other hand, you could customize Notebook, using Tcl/Tk. This no longer works in this application which also protects some pages. It's missing the sidebar and the ability to crate more than one log page. Nor can it handle more than one file.


MK said...

I have been told by the author of RikkiTikkiTavi that Will Duquette's Notebook will most likely not be developed any further. This was news to me, though nothing happened with the application for a long time. The improvements have mainly to do with multi-user scenarios.

MK said...

I just came across the following complaint: It is nothing but a rewrite. He claims that I did not "publish" his clarifications. But the author of the program and these complaints does not seem to understand how comments work.

He was and is free to publish his complaints as comments on this blog. It's easy!