Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I Like Most about ConnectedText 5

ConnectedText version 5 is just about to be released. It is a major advance. It is therefor imporssible to mention all significant improvements and additions. Here are the things I like most:
  1. It now allows a different spell checker for different projects. Since some of my projects are in German and some in English that is important to me. Secondly, it now uses the same spell check engine as Open Office or LibreOffice.
  2. You can now protect projects with a password (if you want).
  3. It allows now a special "project outline" for every project in addition to ordinary outlines. You can have several open and the windows can float. I know that ConnectedText is not an outliner per se, but it's outlining window—essentially a one-pane outliner—is more capable than many dedicated outliners. In conjunction with the wiki part, it also becomes a very capable two-pane outliner. You can now create new topics from the outliner itself.
  4. It can display categories (and property searches) as clouds. Really cool! Property searches can also be displayed as pie charts.
  5. It now supports check- and comboboxes in topics.
  6. It now supports Python 2.7 and 3.2.
  7. The Regex engine has been further improved. There is, in fact, no other wiki application (for the desktop or the web) that has search capabilities as strong as those of ConnectedText. Most of the other Wikis have rather anemic search capabilities. A TiddlyWiki, for instance, might do for a few hundred entries, but it is not at all suitable for thousands or tenth of thousands of entries (and not just because of search). Accordingly, it is not suited to serious applications.
  8. ConnectedText now has a function, called "Like this" which displays topics that have significant similarities to the topic in view. This is very much like the DevonThink command that so many people consider to be an example of artificial intelligence. I know of no other application for the PC that has this affordance.
ConnectedText remains a desktop wiki and I like it that way. It's a virtue. In fact, ConnectedText's syntax is very much like MarkDown (or better (MultiMarkdown) that is praised so much on OS X.

There are people who do not know any better and think that a light markup language like the one used by ConnecteText is a limitation or gets in the way. This is like arguing that an airplane is inferior to a car because it has more controls!

ConnectedText does have a learning curve, but it is very easy to get started with the basics.

It probably does not need repeating, but I will do it anyway: ConnectedText is the only application I use every day. It's the first one I open and the last one I close. Most of my thinking and writing goes on in ConnectedText. I highly recommend it!



I write in English and Spanish. But Spanish is not supported by ConnectedText Does this complicate things?

EMauro said...

Victor, ConnectedText supports any language. If you are having trouble writing in Spanish contact us so we can help you.