Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Agenda and ConnectedText, IV

In the last post of this series I showed how yuou can easily reconstruct Agenda's capability on different views on your research data and promised I would next deal with scheduling and planning.

There are several ways of reconstructing this affordance in ConnectedText. Here the first one, using attributes. ConnectedText allows you to assign attributes to text in different topics. Attributes look like this

[[Priority:=high]], [[Priority:=medium]], [[Priority:=low]]
[[What:=Task]], [[What:=Idea]], [[What:=Plan]]

and whatever else you want. I am sure you get the idea.

In each topic you want to appear in a topic used for scheduling, you might add:


It is easy to retrieve and summarize this information in another topic. Let's call it "Schedule" and enter this:




The result will be this, provided you have created the appropriate topics or items:
It does not look quite like the original reconstruction, but it is close enough and I believe it is better, since you can add a lot more columns in this way.

Obviously, it is better to create a template for items that are to be used in a schedule rather than adding the details "by hand." Luckily, ConnectedText has templates.

This is not the only way to achieve Agenda-like scheduling. Nor is it perhaps the best way to achieve it. In this method, items are identical to topics. There is a way to slice and dice the information even further and look at parts of topics. We will take a look at that approach in a future post.


Miles said...

Very good. It's a shame - especially for a Schedule Topic like this - that CT doesn't let you choose a Sort order.


MK said...

Apparently, this is planned for some future version.