Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lotus Agenda and ConnectedText, I

I have been thinking about Lotus Agenda and ConnectedText lately. My question is whether one can re-create Agenda's functionality in ConnectedText. I think it is possible. Here a first step. Compare these two Screenshots:

More later about the why and how.


Anonymous said...

Dear Manfred,
I would really like to know what CSS file you are using for the screen shots in this piece. It looks like Clean.css or Clean2.css from the original CT package.

However when I duplicate this my table does not stretch across the entire screen, the table generated looking at 'Tasks', 'Ideas' and 'Plans' only stretches part way across the screen the columns all start where the previous column left off, they are all left aligned, whereas this looks as though the left column is left aligned and the right hand two columns are right aligned.

How did you achieve this?


Paul J. Miller

MK said...

The CSS file is an adaptation of stefan.css. See here:,1553.msg6105.html#msg6105