Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Can't I Block Softwaretopic.informer.com?

Softwaretopic.informer.com is obnoxious. It arbitrarily combines words so it insinuate itself into Google searches. Search for "personal wiki" and you get a page for "myob plus wiki" from this "service," for instance. Should you click on the page you get all kinds of things for "wiki" and a program called "MYOB Accounting Plus." Every day there are more inane and annoying combinations like that. I try not to fall for this ploy, but I do at least once a day.

I blocked the site in Google's search settings, but it seems to make little difference. It's nothing but "Search Spam" and it should be penalized by Google, not receive a high score in searches.


EMauro said...

I searched for "personal wiki" and it didn't appear in the results (at least in the first pages). Perhaps it is due the fact that Google tailors results according to past searches.

MK said...

Restrict the search to the last 24 hours.

MK said...

Just did it at the office. What appeared was "Team air wiki - Recent" from that Website.

auzel said...

If you are using Firefox with Greasemonkey, there is a script to hide unwanted search results: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites) you can find here: